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Sunday, 23 February 2020

Only Hindi Daily of Western Maharashtra with 16 pages.

Presence in almost all cities in Maharashtra.

This is 4 decade old brand by the company.

Equal importance given to subjects like Astrology, Health, Spirituality and Women in daily publication apart from local news, national news and current affairs.

Only source of local news for approximately 10 Lakh Hindi speaking population estimated in Pune.

The target audience includes people from all age groups and middle class families.




Sandhyanand is a Marathi Daily Newspaper with 16 pages.

An infotainment daily with news and articals having more life than other newspapers.

Widely read all 365 days for very special full page informative and knowledgeable contents like Health, Astrology, Women, Children etc.

Doesn’t compete with any other Marathi daily in the whole state due to different and unique content.

The Newspaper has record of fastest selling newspaper by selling 52,000 copies in the first month of operation and 75,000 copies in 3 months.

Life365 is a 16 page all page colour morning daily Newspaper

It does not focus on breaking news. Instead, it goes much beyond news in term of providing analysis, perspective and opinion.

It does not indulge in sensationalism and celebrity coverage.

The segments of readers which it caters are : Professional / Linguistic / religious / geographical communities, Working women, Homemakers, School children, Youth and Senior citizens

Readers participation in content generation and interactivity with readers are the cornerstones of this daily.