Since 1971 Wednesday, 3 September 2014
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  • Sandhyanand is a Marathi Daily Newspaper with 12 pages.
  • The Newspaper has record of fastest selling newspaper by selling 52,000 copies in the first month of operation and 75,000 copies in 3 months.
  • The circulation was 3,26,718 by end of Mar’09.
  • Pune accounted for 43.7% of total circulation where as Mumbai accounted for 30.3%. This is the only daily printed outside Mumbai and sold in Mumbai with such a large number.
  • Sandhyanand ’s unique feature is that it is an infotainment daily. The articles and news in Sandhyanand have relatively more life than other Newspapers.
  • Due to it’s different content/reading material Sandhyanand doesn’t compete with any other Marathi daily in the whole stat. This infotainment daily contains everything everyone in the family except the routine local, political news/events.
  • Sandhyanand has achieved a remarkable readership among top SEC and age group between 20-30 in Pune and Mumbai. This is core target audience for the most of the brands and services.
  • Sandhyanand is widely read all 365 days for very special full page informative and knowledgeable contents like Health, Astrology, women, Children etc.
Classification of Readers
Age wise Education wise Gender wise Income Group
15 to 25 - 20% Below SSC - 31% Male - 58% Middle Class - 46%
25 to 40 - 45% SSC to Grad. - 49% Female - 42% Upper Middle - 38%
40 & above - 35% Above Grad. - 20%   Higher - 16%