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Tuesday, 21 February 2017
Published Since Last 21 Years
  • Sandhyanand is a Marathi Daily which offers all 16 pages in colour.
  • The Newspaper holds the proud record of being he fastest growing newspaper selling 52,000S copies in the first month of operation and 75,000 copies in first 3 months.
  • Yet another record for being directly included in the Central & State Government advertising empanelment directly in 'A' category.
  • The circulation reached 2,78,839 Copies..
  • Pune accounted for 1,65,631 copies out of the total circulation whereas Mumbai acounted for 1,13,208 copies. This is the only daily printed outside Mumbai and sold in the city with such high volume.
  • The articles and news in Sandhyanand have relatively more shelf life than the other conventional newspaper.
  • Due to its very differnet content reading material, Sandhyanand doesn't compete with other daily in the state of Maharashtra.
  • Sandhyanand has achieved a remarkable readership among top SEC and age group between 20-30 in Pune and Mumbai. This is a core target audience for most of the brands and services.
Readership Profile-Sandhyanand-Marathi Daily
Age wise Education wise Gender wise Income Group
15 to 25 - 18% Below SSC - 23% Male - 56% Middle Class - 48%
25 to 40 - 47% SSC to Grad. - 61% Female - 44% Upper Middle - 41%
40 & above - 35% Above Grad. - 16%   Higher - 11%