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Tuesday, 21 February 2017
Aaj Ka Anand
Published Since Last 43 Years

  • Aaj Ka Anand is the oldest Hindi Daily Newspaper published from Pune which offers all 16 pages in colour.
  • Glorious history of more than 4 decades.
  • The circulation reaches 2,82,052 copies with presence in almost all cities of Maharashtra.
  • Major Circulation is in Pune followed by Mumbai.
  • Separate Editions for Pune & Mumbai.
  • Approximately 10 lakh Hindi speaking population is estimated in and around Pune out of the total almost one crore population and Aaj Ka Anand is the most liked source of local news in their own lancuage for this population.
  • The growth of industries like IT, Education and Automobile sectors in Pune have led to the increased hindi speaking population coming from UP, Bihar, Haryana, Rajasthan, MP, Himachal Pradesh, J&K and Punjab.
  • Apart from local, regional, national, international news and current affairs equal emphasis is given on reading content like Astrology, Health, Spirituality and woman. These are covered on daily basis.
Readership Profile-Aaj Ka Anand-Hindi Daily
Age wise Education wise Gender wise Income Group
15 to 25 - 21% Below SSC - 24% Male - 63% Middle Class - 29%
25 to 40 - 38% SSC to Grad. - 58% Female - 37% Upper Middle - 56%
40 & above - 41% Above Grad. - 18%   Higher - 15%