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Friday, 24 January 2020
Milestones & History
Milestones & History
When we started this journey; we hadn't the thinnest idea of how difficult this journey would be. But we were dreaming for the perfect society. Life's mistakes and experiences teach us that the dream is hard to achieve; but we're confident. Moreover, we come to know that the journey towards dream is more exciting than to achieve. That's why we're in this toughest profession.
1971 Launched of first ever Hindi weekly of Pune "Raviwar ka Anand".
1979 Weekly converted into daily "Aaj Ka Anand".
1989 Moving into Aaj Ka Anand building with new infrastructure.
1993 Launched of Marathi daily "Sandhyanand".
1999 Updatation both the dailies with Colour Printing.
2012 Launch of Life 365-A Unique English Daily.
2012 New Press complex started at Hinjewadi, Pune.
2012 All Pages Colour Printing Started from Hinjewadi Press Complex